Dr Nandu Kolwadkar
Dr. Nandu Kolwadkar
Organising Secretary

Dear Colleagues,

Nature has been rather unkind to the city of Nagpur! Nagpur cannot boast of majestic snow-peaked mountains gleaming against the azure blue sky, not does it have an exuberant seascape with tempting beach resorts. Well, even the history has been partial to Nagpur. Nagpur, in its heyday, was a capital of Bhosle’s Maratha Empire, and this is its only historical solace. How many of you know that Nagpur is the actual geographical center of India, proudly adorning the “Zero Mile Pole”? Despite its notoriety of heat, Nagpur is the Third Green City of the India. Incredible, isn’t it? The region around Nagpur, known as “Vidarbha”, is known for its antiquity, traditional hospitality, and the warmth of its people.

Just like mammoth gatherings, such as “Kumbh Mela”, symbolize devotion and add a new dimension to the place, similarly, dear friend, I solicit your esteemed presence in Nagpur with the same devotion. Come, add a new page to the scanty history of Nagpur. Your presence alone can create history hitherto denied to Nagpur, the geographical center of India!

With warm personal regards

Dr Madan Kapre
Dr. Madan Kapre
Organising Chairman

Dear Colleagues,

It is a proud privilege to lead a young and energetic band of ENT surgeons of Vidarbha in to AOI 2020. The Enthusiasm is almost infectious and you shall soon be receiving it. It is not yet another AOI jambourie but it is a true whirlwind of academics and camaraderie. A storm you will love to be blown over with.

Nagpurians wear three feathers in their cap: Green city, Organge city and the Tiger capital of India, But more importantly, we have inherited the Vidarbha hospitality, which we are sure you will enjoy. We are the true blend of cultures being at the center of our country and the proud possessors of Zero mile stone.

We look forward to your whole hearted participation and sincerely hope that AOI 2020 proves to be an enriching intellectual experience for all the delegates. It shall be a rejuvenating experience for the old and platform to rise for the young. We wish that you will all hum the conference tune, make friends and then let the friendship last. Let the Zero mile city redefine the distances amongst us, and bind us all together.

So mark your dates and join us at Nagpur for a unique 2020.